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Wellbeing Retreats
(Sandra also offers unique personal development weekend workshops in the Westcountry.)
(Accompany Sandra on a spiritual retreat or sacred journey of a lifetime!)

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REIKI – which is the path for you...?
In recent years many different forms or disciplines of Reiki have come about as ancient traditions from many different cultures and continents are re-embraced.
As many similar claims are made from the various schools it's possible you've become a little confused and unsure as to which form of Reiki would be the most beneficial for you. After all, everyone's needs are different.
  • Do you wish to become a Reiki master yourself?
  • Are you interested in healing others?
  • Do you want to discover more about Reiki's origins?
  • Are you looking to increase the spiritual aspect of your Reiki practise?
Sandra Straw, Reiki Master
Sandra has attained Mastery in many disciplines including: Seichem, Sekhem, Seichim, Tibetan Reiki, Karuna®Reiki, Japanese Horoshi Doi Techniques, Raku Kei, Saqqara, The Seven Degree System and Egyptian Cartouche Mastery, but her personal quest to find the spiritual heart of Reiki was fulfilled when she discovered Jin Kei Do and Buddho-Enersense, and travelled to Australia to learn directly from the current head of the lineage, Dr Ranga Premaratna.
For a full account of her spiritual journey see Sandra's Reiki Story.

Driven to discover the sources of this amazingly diverse and multi-faceted spiritual healing, Sandra can now reveal the ultimate higher truths from whence it came, namely Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho-Enersense.

Please explore this website to discover more about Jin Kei Do and Buddho-Enersense and the courses Sandra Straw can offer, including her FREE Friday evening taster sessions.

Because of her years of knowledge and expertise both as a teacher and pioneer, Sandra is ideally placed to be able to guide you in your own discovery of the magic of Reiki, whether you are a beginner or have already taken some steps along the path.

Undertaking a training in Jin Kei Do or Buddho-Enersense with Sandra is likely to create a major shift for you. This deep spirituality and wellbeing could become an integral and truly valued part of your life...

Sandra Straw's Wellbeing Retreats:
As well as her Jin Kei Do and Buddho-Enersense courses, Sandra also offers special personal development Wellbeing Retreat weekends in the Westcountry.

What do you want to create? What do you want? Awaken to your true Being. Meditations, healing, stress-release, T'ai Chi, special breathing exercises. Gain insight on optimum work/life balance, self-realisation and Actualisation.

See separate website at for more details and tesimonials.

Sacred Journeys & Spiritual Retreats –
– for journeys of a lifetime and rejuvenating weekend retreats

Also Sandra spends much of her year conducting spiritual journeys to distant sacred places, as well as leading shorter meditation retreats to locations nearer home – extended weekends of contemplation and reflection in beautiful surroundings filled with spiritual and healing energy, ancient mystery or breathtaking ecology.

Sacred Journeys

Spiritual India
Seductive Sedona
Majestic Mt Shasta
Fiery Iceland
Magical Peru
Ancient Egypt
Timeless Nepal & Bhutan

Visit for your 'journey of a lifetime'!

Forthcoming Retreats & Mini-tours:
Sacred Scotland: Iona, Knights Templar's Rosslyn & much more
Sacred England: Glastonbury, Avebury, Stonehenge - incl. crop circles
The Emerald Isle: Explore Irish folklore, myths & legends
Mother Meera: Meet the Divine energy in Germany
France: The Cathars & the Mary Magdalene mysteries

Visit for a rejuvenating retreat or mini-tour.

Details of Courses
visit the Workshops & Courses page

Meet Sandra at Quest
the Mind Body
Spirit Festival

Sandra Straw attends the Quest Festival in Newton Abbot, Devon every year. Come and say hello, and find out more about her Courses, Retreats & Spiritual Holidays.

Sandra in Kindred Spirit
- the UK Mind Body Spirit magazine
Sandra Straw has had many articles published in Kindred Spirit, magazine - visit their site for details.
"A fantastic weekend with a beautiful group always helping each other.
Sandra you are a true inspirational Master giving time to everyone.
– Eleanor B

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