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A complete system of healing
Buddho-Enersense is a complete health promoting system which originates from ancient Tibetan and Indian meditation and healing methods.

This ancient system of healing uses special meditative techniques, breathing methods and moving meditative exercises called Chi-Nadi, which helps you to develop a deeper awareness to the subtle energy, Chi.

On a physical level this method enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself, whilst helping to strengthen the body's susceptibility to disease.

On a mental level the practice helps to calm the mind with special meditations used by Dr. Usui. Their powerful penetrative aspects allow you to see your mental and physical energetic processess that continually occur in the mind-body system.

Buddho and EnerSense – what's in a name?
The original name of this method was Buddho. Buddho in this context means 'The energy of Enlightenment' or 'The Seed of Enlightenment' – the potential that is within each of us to become enlightened, which can be realised through a gradual development of our minds.

The current holder of the lineage, Dr. Ranga Premaratna, gave this method an alternative name: EnerSense, as he felt that this word more fully expressed the essence of the teachings. The name Enersense provides a more neutral meaning which clarifies that this is not a religion (or is religiously bound to Buddhism in particular), but is more a philosophy – a way of life. Also 'Ener-Sense' clearly indicates the marrying of 'energy' and 'sense', which the system involves.

The techniques involved
Initially the Buddho Enersense involves the receiving of energy empowerments, or energy activations from the teacher to raise the vibrational energy to higher states and to enhance the awareness to the subtle energy flow in the body. Then the initiate can start the training in the three components of the system: Sitting meditations, Chi-Nadi moving meditations, and Healing practices. These three components must be practised in balance.

In the meditations and the Chi-Nadi exercises, attention is placed on sensations, both physical sensations accompanying the energy flow as well as mental and emotional sensations or feelings. Heightened awareness of the six faculties and their functions in the perception of sensory stimuli is developed in the practice of these special meditations.

The meditations use mantras (sound), yantras (visual representations of the mantras) and symbols, all designed to focus the mind to bring it to a single-pointed state. Special meditative breathing excercises are used to achieve higher Dhyanic states for healing.

The Chi-Nadi exercises combine slow relaxed movements with powerful tense movements to direct Chi to various parts of the body. While the meditation develops concentration, tranquility and energy, the ChiNadi exercises activate the nadis and chakras developing strength and flexibility, and a deeper awareness of the subtle energies present. This means that transfer of energy to re-energise or re-balance the body can occur before symptoms appear.

The complete system takes a holistic approach and with regular practice you can strength the respiratory and cardiovascular and immune systems, experiencing peace and deep relaxation, increased mental clarity and concentration.
Using the same techniques learn for self-healing, the
EnerSense system can facilitate the healing of others.

Buddho Enersense is taught in four progressive stages.

The roots of Reiki?
There are significant links between the Buddho System of Healing and the popular and widely known form of Reiki. It would fair to say that Reiki is a subsequent simplification of the Buddho system, although there may be other additional origins from which Reiki was sourced. The simplified, commonly used method of Reiki evolved as a practical self-healing technique which anyone could practise without extensive experience in meditation. See how the knowledge was passed down through the centuries through the lineage of Reiki masters and teachers.

How Buddho-Enersense came to the West
Buddho (Enersense) was introduced for the first time to the western world by a Japanese monk named Seiji Takamori.
Seiji Takamori was a Japanese Reiki Master and meditation teacher who had a deep desire to find the origins of Reiki and left Japan on a journey of exploration to India, Nepal and Tibet. After a long search he found a few monks belonging to a special sect who practised a healing method similar to, but distinctly more comprehensive than Reiki.

Seiji spent over twenty years in Nepal and Tibet studying with the monks who pracitised this Buddho System of Healing. After receiving all the secret teachings and energy transmissions, he started travelling the world teaching meditation and healing to whoever was ready to receive this precious gift.
Seiji made his transition in his eighties at a Buddhist monastery in 1992. There was only one student, Dr. Ranga Premaratna Ph.D, who received the complete training (during Takamori's visit to the USA in 1990). Thus Dr. Premaratna became the only teacher fully empowered to teach all four stages of the Enersense system.
Today many Reiki Masters and practitioners learn Enersense as a more profound expansion of the Jin Kei Do spiritual lineage of Reiki.

• Read Seiji Takamori's story here

Sandra Straw was one of first UK residents to have received a complete teaching directly from Dr. Ranga Premaratna, and now regularly passes on these teachings to her many students.

Would you like to learn this valuable knowledge from Sandra? Details of her forthcoming workshops and courses can be found here.

"I have done workshops before but I don't think I've ever spent my money more wisely. Reiki has and will continue to change my life. Feeling a sense of 'the other' has given me the strength to face many of the issues which, until now, I have not had the courage to look at. So for that I thank you with all my heart. For me, Reiki has been 'the light at the end of the tunnel' – literally."
– Julie

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