A letter to Sandra...

Dear Sandra,
How are you? I would like to give you some feedback from the Buddho Enersense treatments that I have completed.
It really is an amazing energy. I came home from work to find that my wife had had hiccups all day. I brought in the Buddho Enersense energy and treated her middle and the hiccups vanished. I have also done the same with headaches.

At the weekend we went up to Norfolk to see my wife's parents. We met one of their friends who had been on painkillers for two weeks for a frozen shoulder and was still in some pain and not getting much sleep, and also troubled with a lot of work worries.
I treated her with the Buddho Enersense energy and whilst treating her she visualised yellow lilacs and greens. She said that it felt like a weight had been taken off her shoulders. She rang the following day stating that the restricted movement in her neck was no longer there and that she had had the best night's sleep in ages - well rested and ready to go.

My wife's grandmother also received a treatment. For the last few years now she's had to suffer several cancer scares, a hip replacment and the loss of her husband in January this year. Since then she has seemed to go downhill. I believe that she had fought her diseases all the time her husband was around as she had wanted to care for him. And now, with him going, it has seemed pointless to fight.
The latest downfall was that her cancer had spread to her left arm, and she has had to have this pinned. Since then this arm has had very little movement in it and she has not been able to lift it on its own, being supported throughout the day in a sling.
After the treatment she was amazed ( me too! as I had been unaware that she was unable to move it) that she could actually raise this arm about six inches on its own. She has seemed to improve over the last two days and can now undo her own buttons. Also her mental attitude seems to have improved and she has regained her 'fight it' attitude.

Thank you for sharing this Buddho Enersense energy with me, if anything for all the people it has helped. I do the Chi-nadi exercises daily, and am saving up to do the Stage II course in the autumn.


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