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Wellbeing Retreats
(Sandra also offers unique personal development weekend workshops in the Westcountry.)
(Accompany Sandra on a spiritual retreat or sacred journey of a lifetime!)

Reiki Jin Kei Do
Jin Kei Do means 'compassion and wisdom on your path in life' and is the all powerful and an original eastern core teaching of the Usui, Takeuchi and Takamori lineages.
(This course does NOT require prior completion of a Usui Reiki course.)

Level I - £100 (London) £95 (Devon)
Level II - £195 (London)
£150 (Devon)
Levels I&II combined - £250 (£195 for qualified Reiki practitioners advancing to Jin Kei Do)

Locations: London & Devon

FREE - Friday evenings 'taster sessions':

Note: The evening sessions constitute part of the Level 1 course.
Accommodation available for London weekends, only £5 per night.

Please enquire for full details and availability of places.

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Buddho Enersense
This teaching reveals how Reiki has its roots in a more all-encompassing Tibetan healing system which includes the use of mantras (sound healing meditations) and yantras (symbol visualisation meditations). It is clear to those who have studied these ancient methods that Reiki is a simplification of this comprehensive healing system.
Along with special meditations from Dr Usui that activate the chakras and nadis, this advanced work can raise us to states of higner consciousness and could be considered as the gentle path to enlightenment and self-realisation.
IMPORTANT: Jin Kei Do Levels I & II are a pre-requisite for this training)

Level I: £195
Level II: £295

London - all day - phone for details

Reiki Mastership Level courses: phone for details

Tel: 01548 844922
Mobile: 07776 405140

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Sandra Straw's Wellbeing Retreats:

A Spiritual Financial Retreat

Residential or Non-Residential Retreat/Workshop

A two day retreat/workshop to awaken your God Given powers:

Are you one of the millions that WORK for money and feel trapped in the rat race?
Learn how to MAKE MONEY WORK FOR YOU (no matter how small the amount you have)
How to attract wealth and abundance

Saturday and Sunday - can be non-residential

Location: Salcombe, Devon
Saturday/Sunday £250 Dinner Bed and Breakfast
Single day workshops £95 (concessions available)

This retreat is available in other areas on request where there is a group

See our 'sister' website for dates and further details of all courses:

Stillness, Unity Consciousness, Oneness - the teachings on enlightenment and meditation

Meditation and Stillness retreat in Devon

Four-Night retreats (in idyllic Salcombe) weekend or midweek - call for details.

Get away from it all. Learn how to still the mind, meditate and have quiet time.

Includes other options if required

See our website at for more details and tesimonials. However, acting NOW starts the wheels in motion.

Create a Vision for your Future
Residential or Non-Residential Retreat/Workshop

See the Wellbeing Website for latest details - click here

NEW! Ayurvedic Health Retreats - personal retreats throughout the year can be organised to Sri Lanka - special concessions exist out of season - more details

A venue somewhere near you?!
It may be possible to arrange for a Retreat to happen in your area.
Please phone now to confirm suitable dates.



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"Just to say thanks again for such an amazing course – my weekend was full of revelations and I am feeling inspired and serene. I have learnt so much about myself and those in my life that only good will come of it.
I have also talked to Sue and she has many similar feelings and reactions."
Elizabeth B





Worldwide Spiritual Tours Programme:

For full Spiritual Journey updates see Sandra's website

India: the Vedic Fires Tour
- plus the 'Golden triangle' Option: 3-days visiting Delhi, Agra, Jaipur (for the Taj Mahal)
Highlights include:
- World Heritage sites of Ellora and Ajanta Buddhist Cave Temples
- Agnihotra Fire ceremonies
- Ayurvedic massage, steam and mud baths
- Daily tuition in the Vedas, mantras and talks on the Vedic Fire tradition
- Maheshwar, with sunset boat ride on the sacred Namada river
- Om Kareshwar - celebrated pilgrimage city

Sacred Spiritual India
A spiritual tour to visit Arunachala, the Sri Ramana Maharshi ashram, combining sacred power sites at Pondicherry and Auroville, the universal city in the making based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

The Infiniteness of Sri Lanka:

Highlights include:
- Sigiriya - the 5th Century Lion Rock Fortress
- Polonaruwa - world heritage site of medieval capital
- Mihintale - where Buddhism was first established on the island
- Anuradhapura - the Sinhalese capital
- The Famous Bodhi tree (sapling)
- The Drambulla rock caves temple and reclining Buddhas
- The Temple of the Buddha’s Tooth
- Sri Pada Mountain

Ayurvedic Health Retreat:
Experience authentic Ayurvedic treatments and take time out for renewal, rebirth and leisure at a beautiful beach resort with natural lagoon – come on, you know you deserve it!

Spirit of the Maya: Yucatan, Mexico
A journey of magic and wonderment – connecting to the wisdom and energies of the Maya and their sacred temples and pyramids.
Highlights include:
- Celebrating the Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza
- Learning about the wisdom teachings and sacred geometry of the pyramids
- absorbing the unique energies of the Uxmal and Palenque Ceremonial Centres
- tour accompanied by Hunbatz Men, a Mayan Elder

Sacred Sedona, USA
Experience Sedona’s famous energy vortices, extra-terrestrial activity and the awe-inspiring landscape of Arizona. Highlights include Medicine Wheel work, meeting with Hopi Elders, Grand Canyon shamanic journeying, and taking part in a Vision Quest.

Canyon Lands & New Mexico: (optional 1-week extension).
Experience the awesome wonder of Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, The World Heritage Park of Chaco Canyon, following the famed route 66 to Old Sante Fe - and much more!

Mount Shasta, USA
Special Trip to celebrate Lord Buddha's birthday at Wesak in one of the most powerful sacred sites in the world. Plus optional attendance at Conference with many enlightened speakers. Mt Shasta is a very ancient mountain formation some 14,162ft high, being a dormant volcano, in the volcanic Cascade Mountains chain. It is a site where there have been many UFO sightings and rumours and myths abound of the presence of beings from within the mountain and/or from other dimensions.

Special Healing Retreat with John of God in Brazil
- with an optional one-week round trip extension to Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and the World Famous Heritage site of Iguassau Falls.
Accompany Sandra to a small village in the remote high plateau of Central Brazil where thousands come seeking a cure, or to receive a profound spiritual experience, at the Casa de Dom Inacio Healing Sanctuary with Joao Texeria de Faria, one of the World's most gifted and remarkable spiritual and psychic surgeons of our times.

Read Sandra's personal account of her trip to see John of God

Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet
Includes Bhutan - Land of the Thunder Dragon
Our Journey incorporates many of the major attractions of these ancient Buddhist and Hindu Kingdoms. Feel the joy of soul expansion at the rooftop of the world! Also this remarkable tour includes much of the natural splendour and wildlife of these magical mysterious lands. Unfortunately, due to the recent troubles we may not be able to include Tibet in this tour but instead focus on Bhutan – an extraordinarily beautiful country, very much like the Tibet of old - a decision on the full itinerary and destinations will be made nearer the time.

Holy Land Tour + Exotic Egypt Nile Cruise
Plus optional extensions: Journey into Sinai, plus 3 days in Jordan
Egypt is a land steeped in history and antiquities – an exotic land of mystery and legend. Take a personal spiritual journey to the land of the Gods to see the amazing temples and palaces of the upper Nile.

Sacred Peru: with options for Chile, Argentina, Brazil and the Galapagos Islands
Our visit to the mystical land of the Incas, with its ancient Sun and Moon Temples including Machu Picchu, its mountainside terraces high in the Andes, and its sheer beauty, is truly memorable. And this year, by popular request, we are offering the chance to add Chile, Argentina, Brazil and the Galapagos Islands to your schedule.


Please contact us for full details!

Next Retreat to Mother Meera in Germany:
Experience the transformative life-changing healing energies of the Divine Mother. This tranquil retreat allows us to receive wonderful darshans with Mother Meera.
5-day option includes four darshans, and also extra time for sacred site visits and optional river cruise on the Rhine

The Cathars and the Magdelene Legacy:
One of our most popular and regular tours: discover the truth around the Magdalene energy – an enlightening experience! This area of France has a fascinating history. We will visit the renowned Rennes-le-Château, Carcassonne and Marseilles to see the Mary Magdalene relics and many other sacred power sites. This journey is a must for those who feel drawn to connect to the Magdalene feminine energies and do work here

Sacred Scotland Grail Quest: the Templars and the Jesus mission:
Discover the hidden truth about the Gaelic Jesus lineage in Scotland. We journey to Knights Templar chapels including Rosslyn (of The Da Vinci Code fame). The tours includes many other spiritual sites such as Holy Mount Scehallion and the sacred Isle of Iona.

Celtic Ireland: Sacred Sites Journey
Have you felt the call of Ireland, a land rich in beauty, legend and myth. Ireland is renouned for its Holy places. Here Druids once taught and the Celtic culture thrived. You will be enchanted by the folklore and fairytales, and the beauty, charm and essence of this beautiful island. Meet with local guides and wisdom keepers, visit the mystical Boyne valley, Tara seat of Kings, the Isle of Inishmurray and much more.

Magical Iceland: Land of Fire, Ice and Whales
Take the opportunity to get connected to nature at its finest. Iceland is one of the top destinations for whale watching and viewing puffins and bird life. Spectacular scenery and energy sites abound with glacial visits. Optional evening soaks in the hot springs.

Sacred England: Glastonbury, Avebury & Stonehenge
plus optional Crop Circle Conference
Experience the magic and mystery of the ancient Vale of Somerset – a spiritual journey exploring the sacredness of this land; the Heart Chakra of planet Earth.
The Sacred South West:

Exploring the St Mary/Michael Ley Line

This exploration of Devon and Cornwall, including the ancient treasures of Dartmoor and Bodmin moors can be undertaken as an extension to the above tour or as a wonderful adventure in its own right

Full details on Sandra's website

Sandra at Machu Picchu


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