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The advantage of Jin Kei Do is that it connects you to the teachings before and beyond Japanese Reiki; truly connecting to sanskrit origins, mantras, yantras, symbols and meditation.
Eventually with the tools of Reiki and Buddho you develop your mind to a point where the symbols and all other tools can be left behind. This is what the goal should be: to be free of technique - BEING Reiki, rather than doing Reiki. You rely on your own mind which has merged with the universal. – Dr Ranga Premaratna

What is Reiki Jin Kei Do?
It is the great healing purifying gift of this age that reconnects humanity to ONENESS. It works on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The two words REI KEI represent the spiritual life-force energy that surrounds and pervades all living beings and plants. It is the prana, the mana, the chi. When this life force energy connects to Spirit it is known as Reiki. This universal energy field is the COMPASSION. It adapts itself to enter all different life forms.

Jin = Compassion
Kei = Wisdom
Do = The way, or path
Meaning: 'May wisdom and compassion be your path.'

Jin Kei Do is Reiki as practised by a specific lineage of Reiki teachers and practitioners, with its origins in Japan.
Reiki, generally, is the Universal Life Force energy that surrounds and pervades all living things and beings. It is life itself in motion. This Japanese word comprises two characters (Kanji): Rei meaning 'Spirit', and Ki meaning 'subtle energy'.
So Reiki in effect means 'Spiritual Energy' – a higher form of energy. As such, it is the Universal Life Force, or Universal Energy Field, and can also be interpreted as Consciousness, Life Principle, Mind, God.

Compared to matter, Consciousness vibrates at a higher frequency and represents all of us. It is this Consciousness that sustains life. Ki is the manifestation of this vibrational energy into physical reality and can modify its vibrational frequency to be compatible with different life forms.

This Universal energy field is like a sea of energy with waves of various amplitude, and the POTENTION to manifest different frequencies depending on the ability of the practitioner and the tools used. Just as electricity can be transformed into heat, light and sound, so by using particular tools we can access and change the energy source. So Rei, the Universal Energy Field, has the same potention to generate different vibrational frequencies depending on the accessing tools. With the use of Reiki symbols we can generate a specific frequency of energy of Ki which is compatible to our energy system. This energy we call Reiki because it originates in the Universal Energy Field or Rei.

Reiki and the Aura
The aura is the subtle energy body that surround each of us. Each subtle body is manifested from the material of its plane:

  • The physical body from Earth
  • The Etheric body from Ethers
  • The Emotional and mental body from the Astral plane

Reiki and the Chakras
The human body has seven major chakras, or energy centres. Each chakra can be perceived in its own inherent colour. The main chakras are the crown, the third eye, the throat, the heart, the navel, the sacrum and the base of the spine (root). They are like spinning vortices projecting outwards from the physical body.
Each chakras is located where it can distribute the vital life-force energy to the surrounding organs nearest to it. There are also two subsidiary chakras which are very important in Reiki. These are the palm chakras.

Information in the form of energetic vibrational patterns are transferred via the chakra system between different energy bodies. Each subtle body has its own chakra system. This transfer of information via the chakras and nadis is vital to the maintenance of our health.

The Nadis are energy channels similar to acupuncture meridians and are like rivers or streams. It was the Ancient Rishis, who could perceive the subtle energy movements in the body through their highly developed minds, who named these energy channels, nadis.
Nadis are also located on the physical body and extend outward to the etheric and subtle energy bodies beyond. In Ayruveda it is mentioned that there are 72,000 nadis in the body!

Energy activations, or attunements, in Reiki help us to access the Universal Energy field by further opening the channel and increasing the vibrational frequencies of the chakras. Also through the meditation practice you can become aware of the subtle energy in your body. As a result we are a dynamic energy pattern in an ever-changing energy field. In an attunement our whole system receives a 'memory' of a much higher state of energy. This memory is 'locked' in to the system and can now be recalled whenever needed to bring the mind and body back to balance.

A workshop in Jin Kei Do reveals in a very 'hands-on' way how this esoteric knowledge affects our lives, and how we can harness and master it for our physical and spiritual wellbeing and the good of all.

Sandra Straw was one of first UK residents to have received a complete teaching directly from Dr. Ranga Premaratna, and now regularly passes on these teachings to her many students.

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Recently some confusion over the mixing of Jin Kei Do and other Reiki teachings has arisen...
A student wrote to Dr Ranga Premaratna, the present head of the Jin Kei Do lineage.
Read Dr Ranga's reply which clarifies the situation and put many fears to rest concerning the choice of paths.

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"I began the course (Level 1) feeling low in energy and extremely emotional but finished the course feeling energised and positive, and eager to pass on energy. You have a calm, uplifting manner, Sandra, which encouraged and supported me throughout."
– Clive W


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