Can Jin Kei Do be mixed with other forms of Reiki?
Recently some confusion over the mixing of Jin Kei Do and other Reiki teachings has arisen, and the following exchange of letters between a student and Dr Ranga Premaratna, the present head of the Jin Kei Do lineage, should clarify the situation and put many fears to rest concerning the choice of paths.

A student's Question to Ranga (and myself, Sandra Straw):
"I would be grateful for some guidance. I was attuned in the Takarta lineage to Master level in 1996. Since then, over the last three years, I have received Jin Kei Do at first and second degree, and also the first part of the Master level. I was planning to continue with my training in the near future and came across one or two articles and web pages from another website containing information on Jin Kei Do.
My main concern is an article which indicates that Jin Kei Do Masters and teachers must promise not to teach other forms of Reiki. Does this mean that one is required to promise not to teach other forms of Reiki at all, or not to involve other forms of Reiki when teaching Jin Kei Do?"

Ranga's answer, as follows:
I have never imposed any rule or guideline to indicate that one should ONLY teach or practice Jin Kei Do. I have set guidelines to ensure that Masters do not MIX teachings of Jin Kei Do with other forms of Reiki and teach a mixture.
What has generally happened in the past is that once Masters have realized the value of the teachings of Jin Kei Do and experienced the energetic difference, they do not feel that teaching other forms of Reiki is useful or beneficial to students. So they begin to teach solely Jin Kei Do.
Now that so many new Japanese-style teachings are coming out, one feels that these may be of value. However, compared to the teachings of Jin Kei Do as well as the Buddho system of healing, these methods only show that Reiki in Japan became more complex with many techniques. The Buddho method which is the origin of Reiki Jin Kei Do clearly links the symbols and other teachings to its teachings. The advantage of Jin Kei Do is that it connects you to the teachings before and beyond Japanese Reiki; truly connecting to sanskrit origins, mantras, yantras, symbols and meditation.
Eventually with the tools of Reiki and Buddho you develop your mind to a point where the symbols and all other tools can be left behind. This is what the goal should be: to be free of technique - BEING Reiki, rather than doing Reiki. You rely on your own mind which has merged with the universal.

Wishing you the best,

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