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Sandra writes:

" I first came to Reiki after a near-death experience and crisis point in my life. It had not been part of my 'Grand Plan' to be a healer, although I had always felt deeply connected to Spirit.

Fifteen years ago I helped to pioneer Reiki here in the UK. At that time if you were healing you were thought to be a witch, and a Japanese one at that! It took great faith, determination and dedication to continue.

But gradually the floodgates opened and now everyone has heard of, if not actually done Reiki themselves, and have experienced the powerful shift that often occurs as a result of receiving Reiki and the empowerments, activations and attunements that it comprises. It is often a life transforming experience as you discover the bliss, joy and peace that Reiki brings.

Reiki has now spread around the world like a fireball purifying, and healing us as we make a powerful shift through a chaotic era in our evolution, and detach from the old worn-out way of looking at things.

Discovering Jin Kei Do
After many years practising and teaching Reiki through the Western lineages that come down via Mrs Takata, a Japanese American lady, I had always felt something was missing, so I continued to seek the truth behind everything and researching for the validation of Reiki. It was at this point that I came across Jin Kei Do Reiki.

It came at a time of deep crisis and turmoil in my life – so much so that I felt drawn to go all the way to Australia to train with Dr Ranga Premaratna, the head of the Jin Kei Do lineage.

During training I had an overwelmingly beautiful, blissful experience – one that I had never experienced before: the reawakening and emergence of my true core essense, and the deep yearning to connect to the ONE. This truly felt like home.

The resulting experiences of this reshaped my entire life as I grappled to gain a sense of meaning and purpose to it all. A new perspective arose, as well as a deep yearning to connect as many people as possible to this higher truth. This became manifest through the medium of Reiki.

A visit to Mother Meera
Just before taking my Jin Kei Do and Buddho-Ennersense training with Dr Ranga Premaratne, I had visited the Divine Mother Meera. This was also to have a major affect on my path.

At that time there were around 50 of us visiting her in her home in Germany. With Mother, I found, in the depths of my suffering, not only deep compassion but also a sense of direction which brought a deep meaningful purpose to my life.

So it was around this deeply transformative period in my life that I not only started bringing the profound wisdom of Jin Kei Do to the UK, but also regularly started bringing people to the Divine Mother in Germany.
I still take small groups, 3-4 times a year to receive the Divine Mother's blessing darshan.

Spiritual journeys worldwide
From that first connection with Mother Meera when that sense of direction and purpose revealed itself, I knew that I could serve Spirit by facilitating group spiritual initiatic journeys to the sacred power sites of the world – as people felt drawn to participate in a spiritual journey to discover their own Divine purpose.

These journeys can renew people's life force energy and bring a sense of deep meaning, purpose, direction and balance back into their lives as they participate in ancient cultural/tribal/aboriginal ceremonies, or receive attunements and empowerments in these powerful energy centres around the world.

Often participants feel drawn to make major life changes in accordance with their own divine blueprint on earth right now, in communion with the evolutionary shift in humanity.

As I began to realise the impermanence of life, everyday became precious and filled with a gratitude I hadn't experienced before, and I came to truly live in the present. A new joy emerged, and the recognition that only love heals everything, and that love is present within each of us waiting for us to come home and reconnect. "

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"A few years ago I realised that my life was a struggle and it wasn't working. Spirit was saying "YOU CANNOT DO TO BE". The realisation came that the more I took my hands off and got me out the way, the more I surrendered to this Higher Power, the greater the freedom and joy I experienced. Now each day there is an eternal well from which I can continually draw for renewed replenishment and inspiration."
– Sandra Straw

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